Fine Art Nature Photographer

San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland, Northern California Coast, Oregon, Portland, Washington, Hawaii, Kauai, Mauai, New England, Utah, Arizona & Iceland

Drone Photography, Fine Art, Nature Landscapes, Natural Details, Events, Long Exposure, Night Photo Photography


  • 2016 USA Landscape Photographer of the Year (Honarable Mention )
  • Featured in Shutterbug Magazine: January 2017 "Final Shot"
  • Featured in Outdoor Photographer Magazine Multiple Times 
  • NYTimes Freelance Photographer 
  • Grand Prize Winner - Loews Regency NYC - Travel in the Details 2016
  • Regular Features by The Weather Channel, Canon US & Tentree Outdoor Wear
  • National Geographic: Nature Photo Contest Finalist, 2015
  • Instagram: Super Photographer of the Year, 2015
  • SFGate: Feature Article, December 2015
  • Shutterbug Magazine: Grand Prize Winner Tamaron & Shutterbug Magazine Nature Photo of the Year, 2015
  • Juried Photography Show: Riverfront Art Gallery in Petaluma, CA, March 2015
  • Gleam Magazine: New Nature Photographer of the Year, 2014
  • Gleam Magazine: Cover Story Featuring Vincent James Photography, September 2014
  • California State Parks Foundation: Multiple Winner of Photo of the Month, Featured in Calendar and Collateral Materials


Eliot Porter: "Porter's work inspires me to move in a little closer than the typical sweeping wide views of traditional landscape photography. His images are master classes in composition and they always remind me that beauty is all around us in the natural world."

Eyvind Earle: "Earle was a painter and illustrator, but his work has inspired me just as much as any photographer has. He was a master of trees and color. His landscape scenes are dreams you want to walk in."

Tony Sweet: "Sweet’s work reminds me that interesting images can be found in almost any natural setting if you have the right light and know what to look for."

Galen Rowell: "Most modern nature photographers that I admire were influenced by Rowell so I'd probably point to him as the granddaddy of current outdoor photography. He was the first to do so many things that we now see millions of photographers trying to emulate."


“Photography brings nature into my life as well as contrast and balance.
It is the perfect blend of technology, nature, and art.”

"It can be extremely exhilarating and sometimes surreal. Often I am striving to be out in these natural spaces at times of the day when there are not many other people around and the light is its most magical. I feel a connection with nature and the planet and everything. I try to stop and take a breath and soak it all in when I can, but honestly sometimes there is just barely enough time to make the photograph I am thinking about."

"There are many reasons why a photograph can be great. It can be the timing or a precious moment captured or a scene that resonates with people in some way. It could be about the technical capabilities needed to create it and of course composition plays its part. I agree with all of that. That said, for me the images I am always striving for are the ones that evoke a mood or a feeling. If I can do that with any image, no matter what the processing or workflow needed to achieve it, then I have achieved my goal. Unfortunately, it often doesn't come together, but that is what I am shooting for."



Originally a musician and web designer from New York City, Vincent moved to Northern California and became instantly inspired by the beauty of the California coast which eventually led him to start dabbling with professional landscape photography in 2014.  He currently lives in Oakland and in addition to being a visual artist, continues to keep himself busy as a musician and the manager of digital communications for a local nonprofit foundation.

Vincent travels widely throughout the West, most notably California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Utah for his inspirations.  Favorite locations to shoot are the Pacific coast, national parks, the southwest deserts, the Hawaiian islands, mountain lakes, streams, and anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Telescopes, microscopes, still and video cameras have always fascinated him as a way to step out of everyday reality and see something with a fresh perspective. His photography interests range from natural abstracts and details to seascapes, landscapes, and urban night and low-light compositions. Vincent’s images often balance the dark and mysterious with an ethereal misty bright moment of hope and wonderment.

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